Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reader Responses Invited, Gifts Offered

Dear Reader: I am an author with no institutional support who is hoping that the e-book revolution along with a small group of intelligent and unconventional readers will help  finance his seven books in progress. 
At the moment, I am far from reaching that goal. My no-star book competes against 150 5-star review books and books sponsored by multinationals, and is already slipping in the rankings. 
To help me reach my modest goal, I would like to offer a small gift to the first 15 readers who write to me at with answers to the following questions:
Which were your favorite and least favorite chapters from this book?
Any suggestions on how to help this book to reach its audience?
How did you hear about this book, and what made you buy it?
How could this better appeal to you and your friends? (An e-book can be modified--though I don't do this with other books, a book of humorous essays is much easier to modify.)
Is price a consideration? Would you pay $3.99 or $3.79 for this book?
Would you be willing to write an online review or mention it to your friends?
And a few lines about yourself, if you wish.
Gifts to the first 5 customers responding: Coupons towards any free book of their choice from my Smashwords titles  of their choice ( ) , and 50% off coupons towards any book on Smashwords.
Gifts to the next 10 customers responding: 50% off coupons towards any 2 books of their choice on Smashwords.

"I Will Not Go to Sleep", the new book of humor by Richard Crasta, is available at Amazon Kindle, on the Nook and at Smashwords and at the Ibookstore.

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